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How SCOTUS' decision on anti-camping ordinances could impact Los Angeles

SCOTUS decision on homeless anti-camping ordinances could impact LA
SCOTUS decision on homeless anti-camping ordinances could impact LA 01:58

A plaintiff case currently being heard by the Supreme Court of the United States could have potential legal ramifications in Southern California. 

The case comes from a community in southwest Oregon that aims to make it illegal to sleep on public land. However, the plaintiff, who says that is cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of the Eighth Amendment, was heard by SCOTUS on Monday. 

While not specifically centered in the Golden State, the case could still have a major impact on how the homelessness crisis is handled by state, county and city leaders. 

Los Angeles was one of many cities across the United States that saw rallies on Monday to voice their concerns over the case. 

Members of the nonprofit organization LA Community Action Network, who work with the city's homeless community, say that they're already treated like criminals and a new decision could make that even more of a reality. 

Both Oregon and California officials have said that they need to be able to pass and enforce laws that allow them to address the homeless crisis, but activists say that people on the streets shouldn't be punished. 

"I pray for their hearts and their minds to open up to receive the vibrations from the people here down on this level," said Queen Sheba Califia, who was formerly unhoused. "They are so far separated from the truth and reality that I'm not sure if they have the capacity to make a decision that's actually gonna benefit the people."

Supreme Court justices aren't expected to make a decision until June. 

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