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How much rain did we get in Los Angeles? Here are rainfall totals so far

LA County gets months' worth of rain in one day
LA County gets months' worth of rain in one day 01:07

Southern California has seen massive rainfall the past few days, rivaling the amount the area would see over a few months — and there's more coming. 

The National Weather Service estimated a total of 4-8 inches of rain throughout the area, with LA City, Long Beach, Northridge, and Santa Clarita hovering around 6.5 inches. Once the storm passes through, Pasadena is expected to get a whopping 9.75 inches. 

"It is so rare to see numbers close to 4.5+ inches for just one location in just one day," said KCAL meteorologist Evelyn Taft.

Downtown Los Angeles received 4.10 inches of rain on Sunday, breaking the old record for February 4 by over 1.5 inches.

Downtown Los Angeles set a record-high rain total Sunday. KCAL News

Sunday is the third-wettest day in February in the last 147 years. It's also tied for the 10th wettest day in LA history. 

Van Nuys, Santa Monica and Chino set all-time two-day records during the storm. 

Santa Monica set a two-day rainfall record during the start of this storm.  KCAL News

Here are more rainfall totals for the area, so far.

Top Rainfall Totals for Southern California

  • Bel Air (LA): 12.01 inches
  • Sepulveda Canyon at Mulholland (LA): 11.91 inches 
  • Topanga FS (LA): 11.87 inches
  • Cogswell Dam (LA): 11.85 inches
  • Woodland Hills (LA): 11.58 inches
  • Stunt Ranch (LA): 11.50 inches 
  • Opids Camp (LA): 10.86 inches
  • West Fork Heliport (LA): 10.55 inches
  • El Deseo (Santa Barbara): 10.83 inches
  • Porter Ranch (LA): 9.68 inches

Rain totals for LA County areas

  • San Antonio Sierra PH: 8.96 inches
  • Crystal Lake: 8.82 inches
  • Agoura Hills: 8.72 inches
  • Beverly Hills: 8.33 inches
  • Mt. Baldy: 8.68 inches
  • Chilao South: 8.54 inches 
  • San Gabriel Dam: 8.58 inches
  • Santa Anita Dam: 8.54 inches
  • Van Nuys: 7.90 inches
  • Culver City: 7.60 inches

Rain totals for Ventura County areas

  • Matilija Canyon: 9.09 inches
  • Old Man Mountain: 9.09 inches
  • Rocky Peak: 8.58 inches
  • Ortega Hill: 8.01 inches
  • Sulphur Mountain: 7.76 inches 
  • Rose Valley: 7.40 inches
  • Nordhoff Ridge: 7.36 inches
  • Lake Piru: 6.83 inches
  • Pine Mountain Inn: 6.88 inches
  • Westlake Village: 6.88 inches
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