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Hot Holiday Gift Ideas From Lifestyle Expert Laurie Graham

STUDIO CITY ( —Lifestyle Expert Laurie Graham visited the KCAL9 studios Tuesday to share her top picks for the perfect stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Shuttr by Muku Labs


Redefine "selfies" with Shuttr, the one-touch shutter release. You can put your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 (most iOS and Android devices) on a stand, up to 30 feet away, and with the click of the Bluetooth remote shutter release, you'll have great photos!  No timer, no apps, no clunky arm in the picture!  Shuttr is small enough to be concealed in your hand during photos and designed to attach to your keychain.  You'll never leave home without it!

Starting at $19.99

The perfect glove works invisibly with your touchscreen phone. It is warm and soft, but gets out of your way so that you can answer calls, snapchat, take photos, and send a quick message without taking your gloves off.

The Erase Case


Wish you could change up your smart phone case again and again?  Budding Picassos will love The Erase Case.  It's the iPhone/iPad/Samsung Galaxy 3/iPod Touch case that you get to design or color any way you want.  The permanent markers stay in place until you use a special Erase Case Cleaning Solution (standard with each kit).  The Erase Case can be wiped clean within seconds and then you can re-customize your Erase Case!

For the chef:

Baking Steel


Bakers, chefs and pizza-makers won't cook without this: Baking Steel!  Better than a brick oven's stone, Baking Steel will cook your rustic bread or pizza faster, more evenly and at a lower temperature, creating the perfect crust!   Now you can have one to use with your home oven or grill!  Baking Steel is made in the U.S.A. and virtually indestructible.  Endorsed by the Modernist Cuisine movement, you can find Baking Steel online or at Sur La Table locations.

Recipe Dice and Cocktail Dice by Leafcutter Designs


For the travel aficionado:


Starting just under $50

Don't let your friend or family member lug another heavy travel bag onto his or her next flight, and ending up with a sore back or shoulders, check out AIRBAC!  It is the backpack that features a patented air support system that redistributes the weight of all your carry-on items! The weight is off the shoulders and spine. AIRBAC moves heavy backpack contents into a more comfortable, back-friendly position, allowing travelers to walk upright and assume a better posture...while feeling like you are only carrying HALF the weight! Happy to provide you with a sample so you can test AIRBAC against a regular backpack...the results are amazing! AIRBAC bags start just under $50 and you can find them at Macy's, Academy, Olympia Sports or online at

Recoil Winders

Starting at $9.99

Make travel easier by spending less time with tangled earbuds, USB cords and cables.  Recoil Automatic Cord Winders instantly and automatically wind and organize cords and cables —eliminating the universal frustration of tangled cords. Spring-loaded and totally automatic, this unique cord management system keeps your cords and cables tangle free, perfectly protected and ready for use. They are a perfect gift for students, professionals, travelers and anyone who is sick of untangling their cords and headphones.

For the hard-to-shop-for:

Footed Pajamas

Starting at $9.99

Smoobee "Magic No-Cry Brush"


Leave the detangler at home and start every travel day off right with the Smoobee "Magic No-Cry Brush" (, created to take out the toughest tangles!  Smoobee is uniquely designed to gently brush through hair without snagging or catching, making for a drama-free morning!  Starting at $20, you can find these online or at Learning Express Stores!

Karma Gifts

Starting at $25

Home decor to jewelry with a global influence: find statement pieces at Karma Gifts, without breaking the bank!  Karma Gifts creates gorgeous loungewear, stand-out totes and coordinating accessories.  Just like the name, they believe Karma can change the world.  Make a purchase from Karma Gifts and you are helping to feed children, fund a library project and assist an orphanage.

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