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Fire Crews Work To Free Horse And Rider From Mud In Lake View Terrace

SHADOW HILLS (CBSLA) — A horse named Ziggy and his rider were trapped in deep mud in the Hansen Dam recreation area of Lake View Terrace Tuesday evening.

Fire crews responded to reports of an equestrian and their horse stuck in the mud near the 10800 block of W. Wentworth Street just after 6 p.m.

A horse in Hansen Dam was freed after being stuck in deep mud. (credit: CBSLA)

The rider who was trapped to her knees freed herself and immediately called 911.

She comforted Ziggy as the firefighters used rope plywood to help free him from the mud.

Search and Rescue teams were on the scene bringing specialized equipment.

The horse was eventually freed was able to walk away. A veterinarian checked Ziggy out and washed him off with a hose.

Ziggy's rider, Chery Leigh, says she's an experienced rider, but went off the trail to explore today.

Leigh explained that the area they were in had recently flooded and that's where they began to sink quickly into the mud.

"Ziggy stayed so calm, and he didn't struggle which could have hurt him," said Leigh. "He stayed calm, I tried to stay calm, and when the firefighters, when I first saw them...I felt like everything was going to be o.k."

Los Angeles City Fire told CBSLA that another woman was rescued not far from where Ziggy was trapped and a third woman was also later rescued.

Ziggy horse trapped in mud
(credit: CBSLA)

A 21-year-old male was still missing as park rangers continued to search for him.

No injuries were immediately reported and all who were stuck were seen walking away from the area.

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