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Homeless Woman Throws Hot Coffee At Donut Shop Owner

12/9/2018 UPDATE: Police have arrested a woman accused of throwing hot coffee at the owner of a donut shop in Canoga Park.

CANOGA PARK (CBSLA) — A confrontation turned violent at a local donut shop.

A homeless woman threw hot coffee at the owner after she was asked to leave.

The woman has not been found.

It happened Friday morning at the Spudnuts Donuts in Canoga Park.

"Just being loud. Wailing. Scaring the little girl. And that's what concerned me," said owner Cindy Seam.

Seam says the woman is a homeless person who comes into the store from time to time.

In the past she's never been a problem but on this morning her behavior scared the child.

So Seam asked her to leave.

"I did not expect for her to throw coffee at me," said Seam.

Seam says she'll now be more selective about her open-door policy toward the homeless.

She's filed a police report but she and her husband say they want to see change.

They want the homeless problem to handled with compassion and they say lawmakers need to do more than make empty promises.

"I think like people are talking about it and tired of it but we can't do anything about it," said Seam. "It feels like we have less rights than they do."

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