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Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Recovers After Landslide

HOLLYWOOD HILLS ( — Cleanup efforts were underway Tuesday in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood following a landslide.

At around 5:30 p.m. Monday, a hillside collapsed in the 800 block of West Laurel View Drive. Three homes were directly affected and a total of five were evacuated as a precaution. There were no injuries.

Two homes have since been red tagged by city inspectors, meaning they are currently uninhabitable. Two more homes were yellow tagged, which means they sustained moderate damage.

Hundreds of residents were left without power immediately after the hillside collapsed. Mud damaged power lines and buried at least one vehicle. As of Tuesday afternoon, six homes in the area were still without electricity.

"I went around, and I never saw some much dirt in my life," said neighbor David Wolfe, who lives near where the slide occurred. "I've never seen a slide like that, and it was scary."

One of the three directly affected homes had been recently purchased by singer Demi Lovato, according to neighbors and utility workers. The home is currently being remodeled and nobody resides there.

"I just feel like, in general, that stability of the Hollywood Hills is being compromised, primarily from a lot of construction," neighbor Judy Asher said.

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