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Hollywood Doctor Reveals Secrets To Fighting Fatigue

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you are tired of being tired and want more energy, a Hollywood doctor is revealing her secrets to fighting fatigue.

Ariste Wright from Sherman Oaks juggles kids and a career. At age 48, she says that she that is exhausted.

"I'm very, very frustrated," Wright said.

Fatigue is the number one complaint that Southland Doctor Eva Cwynar hears from her patients. That is what led her to write the book The Fatigue Solution.

She has treated average housewives and even "desperate" ones, like actress Felicity Huffman, who was desperate for some energy.

"They know that they are no longer the person that they used to be and the answers that they're getting are, well what do you expect? You're getting older," Dr. Cwynar said.

Stress, lack of sleep, low sex drive – they can all be caused by fatigue, something millions of women have. Many of them are told that there is simply nothing that can be done.

"The easiest thing to diagnose when you have symptoms of fatigue is your thyroid. That should be the first thing that anyone looks at," Dr. Cwynar said.

Yes she says that many doctors do not check and when they do it is too basic of a screening. She says that is why 50 percent of women with the problem are never diagnosed.

Dr. Cwynar advises to ask for a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test and any other tests relating to thyroid, including genetic ones.

"It is the God of your metabolism. Nothing else can function without your thyroid," she said.

But Dr. Cwynar added that for the most part the doctor can step out and you can take control of fatigue on your own. You can start with your diet.

"Your hormones are highest in the morning. You need to eat to support those hormones," Dr. Cwynar said.

She recommends protein for breakfast, but says to avoid soy products and empty calories found in white foods, like breads, rice and pastas. She also says to stay away from anything containing aspartame, because she says it causes inflammation in your gut leading to weight gain.

More weight equals more fatigue, according to Dr. Cwynar.

"We have to eliminate that from our diet," she said.

To revive yourself – get sleep. She recommends seven to eight hours a night, keeping your room at 68 degrees or below for deep sleep.

She says to be consistent, trying to go to bed at the same time every night.

Speaking of the bedroom, supercharge your sexuality too.

"Sex is important for energy," she said.

There is plenty of research that suggests sex stimulates endorphins and brings circulation and oxygen to the body – just to name a few benefits.

"All of our hormones being at their peak in the morning, I recommend as much sex as you can have, but also in the morning," Dr. Cwynar said.

"My husband will be happy about this," Wright said, who says she likes what she sees with The Fatigue Solution.

"Sign me up, I told you, now," she said.


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