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Hole Lotta Love: Second Annual Donut Festival Delights Thousands Downtown

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  -- Thousands came to munch on donuts Saturday during the second annual Donut Festival held in Downtown Los Angeles.

CBS2/KCAL9's Joy Benedict had arguably the sweetest assignment of the day.

They came in packs, she reported, "Some hunting powered perfection, others wanting them frizzled with flair."

No matter how donut fans prefer their treats, everyone agreed that the festival was the place to be.

Fried dough. Powdered sugar. Jelly. Icing. Chocolate. What could be wrong with any of that?

Vendors came from shops big and small -- all expecting thousands to show up. And they did. Benedict reports 3,000 advance tickets were sold. Many more waited on line to buy tickets at the door.

"I love donuts! I said who wants to go? They all said I do, I do!" says Debbie Thomas, a donut fan.

Thomas and her friends hopped a train to Union Station to attend.

Everyone has a favorite style and type of donut. Benedict found some people incredibly loyal to their favorite donut shop. Bakers from the Westside to Whittier brought their wares.

Westside favorite Primo's was a big hit and they had their signature buttermilk donut on hand.

Some vendors went for variety. DK's brought all 120 types of specialty donuts they make.

"Fruity Pebbles to edible flowers and we just want to be sure everybody gets the donut they're looking for today," said Mayly Tao or DK's.

Others lined up for the Glazed Donut Bar -- known for unconventional toppings and flavors.

"Things you've never seen before -- like pineapple, jalapeno-bacon, cheesecake-- we just get really fun with our donuts," says Anthony Davis of Glazed Donut Bar.

In all, there were a dozen shops represented. And there was clearly something for every taste and palate.

Some were left trying to explain the ever-lasting appeal of the donut.

"I think that donuts are very nostalgic and there's something so warm and welcoming about donuts that feel like home," says Tao.

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