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Hit-And-Run Accident Caught On Video Puts Young Mother On Life Support

SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — Security video shows 34-year-old Ingrid Argueta about to cross the street to her mother's house when a driver hit her sending her flying, police say.

A retired nurse who didn't want to share her name, lives down the street and ran to help.

"I saw she was laying in the street, they were trying to move her and I tried to tell them not to," she said.

She was shown the security video and she was not surprised to see how far she flew. Considering her injuries.

"We were checking pulse, making sure she was breathing.  It was getting kind of shallow and then they came on."

Family members say Argueta is a mom of a toddler and was out to celebrate her birthday with her family when she was hit.  The family also said she's now on life support and if she ever wakes up she may have brain damage.

Neighbors say cars rush through the intersection all the time.

"A lot of speed, that's probably the third accident today on the street right here," Tashana Prosser said.

Argueta was outside a crosswalk at the time but the nurse says it doesn't justify the driver taking off.

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

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