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Hikers Rescue Abandoned Dog Wandering In Scorching Heat Near Joshua Tree

JOSHUA TREE (CBSLA) — An abandoned dog wandering in the desert by Joshua Tree was saved from the scorching heat after being found by a group of hikers.

dog rescued Joshua Tree
(credit: Zoe Cadman)

On Sunday, Zoe Cadman was on her way from Monrovia to do some hiking with friends in the desert when she suddenly found herself on the side of a highway chasing down a dog.

"We were almost to the hiking spot in Palm Desert when we saw what we thought was maybe a bobcat going across the street. So we slowed down and were like 'Oh my God, it's a dog," Cadman said.

With the help of another driver, they were finally able to catch the dirty pup they nicknamed Dave.

"It was out in the middle of nowhere and he was just running, and running down the middle of the road," Cadman said.

Cadman used a piece of twine she found on the ground as a makeshift leash.

"We poured some water into a coffee cup and he came right over," she said.

Matted, skinny and dehydrated — she turned around and rushed this dog to a place called the Shabby Dog in Sierra Madre.

"When we saw him he was a mess," said Shabby Dog owner Sandy Duvall. "Very dehydrated, mats foxtails all over him. In fact, we are treating his feet and nose for sunburn."

Duvall owns the grooming and doggy daycare business and has helped with rescues for years.

"I don't think he would have lasted much longer," she said. "He would have been hit by a car or just dehydration alone and he's pretty thin."

By Wednesday, Dave was sporting a new haircut and has received his shots at the vet's office.

dog rescued Joshua Tree
(credit: Zoe Cadman)

They guess he is about four or five years old.

Cadman has visited him every day.

Dave is chipped but it's not registered to anyone. They are trying to find out if a vet or a rescue organization put the chip in.

"I honestly firmly believed he was dumped," said Cadman. "I think Dave deserves a good home where he can go explore with his favorite person."

If you are interested in adopting Dave, email The Shabby Dog at with the subject line "Dave".

The Shabby Dog prefers no calls.

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