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Hidden camera found in flower bed outside Agoura Hills home

Another hidden camera found outside LA County home
Another hidden camera found outside LA County home 01:32

Los Angeles County deputies warned residents on Tuesday about the recent discovery of hidden cameras outside people's homes after a homeowner found another one outside their Agoura Hills home. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the resident turned in the device and a power pack after finding it in a flower bed in the Saratoga Hills Tract. 

In the past month, at least three other hidden cameras placed in planters, bushes and rocks were found in Chino Hills, Temecula and Glendale.

A hidden camera found by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department seems to be related to similar incidents connected to what deputies call South American Theft Groups. LASD

In the Glendale case, police discovered the hidden camera after arresting four Colombian nationals, all alleged members of a "burglary tourism ring." Along with the device, the Glendale Police Department found several jewelry boxes as well as a construction hardhat and vest, items typically used as a disguise to break into a home without raising suspicion. 

Deputies said the rings, called South American Theft Groups, typically consist of Chilean or Colombian nationals visiting on limited tourist visas. Investigators believe they travel to different states, committing burglaries and thefts. They also believe the rings use cameras, often disguised as leaves and bushes, to spy on homeowners and determine the best time to break in. 

Investigators recommended homeowners be wary of suspicious activity and report similar devices or unfamiliar people. They also advised residents to regularly inspect their properties, especially outdoor areas. Finally, the department suggested residents install motion-activated lights, fencing and surveillance systems.

The LA County Sheriff's Department urged anyone with information about similar incidents to call their local law enforcement agency. Anonymous tips can be submitted to Crime Stoppers by dialing (800) 222-8477 or through their website

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