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LAPD Officers Honored For Saving Man From Burning Home

MISSION HILLS (CBSLA) — Four LAPD officers are being hailed as heroes after they bravely entered a burning building in Sylmar to save a man who was stuck inside.

As the one-story home burned Tuesday night, the officers saw it from a mile away and headed there to help. And when neighbors told them a man was trapped inside, the officers found a way in by smashing the glass of a sliding door.

"The smoke just came screaming out that glass door. It was hard to breathe in there but the fact that somebody was in there needing help, that's pretty much what helped us get through," said Officer Luis Lopez at a Wednesday night event at their station in Mission Hills that was held to recognize their heroics.

Even with flashlights, they had a hard time seeing because of all the smoke and they were forced to maneuver around all the clutter inside the house in the intense heat.

"Officers also utilized a neighbor's hose to put some water on inside the residence to try and see better, and that was successful," said Capt. Peter Casey.

The officers were inhaling smoke as they tried to find the victim. Then they heard moaning.

"He was on the ground unconscious, unable to reply to us. He was in trouble. I was very surprised he was still alive," said Officer Kenneth Morales.

"The best emotion I can think of right now is that we got somebody that needed out from inside the house," said Lopez.

"As a cop, this is what I signed up for," said Morales. "Talking with the other officers here, it kinda seems second nature to us."


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