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After Initial 'Horryfying' Discovery, Family Adopts 'Falkor' The Bearded Dragon Who Fell Out Of Delivery Box

SAN JACINTO (CBSLA) — A big lizard who managed to stow away in a box has found a forever home in Hemet.

"We are so ready for you, yes we are," Chris Brummet baby-talked to her new, cold-blooded buddy at the Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services facility in San Jacinto Tuesday. She and her husband adopted the lizard they have since christened "Falkor," after the flying dragon in the 1984 film "The Neverending Story.

About two weeks ago, the critter fell out of box containing a dissembled mountain bike the Brummets had bought online from Walmart as a gift for their granddaughter. It came with a bonus piece.

"At first, it was really horrifying, actually. It was scary, like, 'What is this!'" Brummet told CBS2 News.

"And we got to thinking about it, it's like, 'The box was made in China,'" said husband Al.

While it's not clear where the animal came from, John Welsh with the animal services division said the animals can easily survive a week without eating.

In the nearly two weeks since he landed on their lawn, no one has claimed ownership of the reptile.

The Brummets decided that, wherever Falkor might have come from, his journey would end with them, and he seems to have already settled in quite nicely.

"We've been doing a lot of research, and we built a habitat for him," said Al.

A photo of Falkor shows the animal taking in the warmth of a heat lamp on a herpetological hammock.

The Brummets have also started getting used Falkor's diet of worms and cockroaches, which Chris says are supposed to be "one of the best."

"They're looking to have a very fun, scaly friend for a long time in their family," said Welsh.

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