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Hateful Graffiti Left Outside UCLA Students' Westwood Apartment

WESTWOOD (CBS) — A hate crime investigation was underway Tuesday night near the UCLA campus after someone wrote anti-Mexican and sexist slurs Monday on the door of a student's off-campus apartment.

"More sad and disappointed than angry," said UCLA student Kristine Phan, as she cried.

The hateful and hurtful messages have triggered strong emotions for both Phan and her roommates.

"Our institution, it's of its diversity and all the people who come here. We have exchange students who come here from all over the world and it's upsetting that this is going on," Phan said.

The students woke up Monday morning to the vandalism outside their apartment door in Westwood.

Police were investigating the act as a hate crime.

"I would never expect it to happen here in Westwood, especially since it's Westwood and UCLA. So the fact that this happened here and not back home or nothing like that… It's very discouraging," said student Myra Ramirez.

Raimrez, a native of South L.A. with Central American roots, feels it was directed at her and her male roommate, who is Mexican American and also from her South L.A neighborhood.

"If attention is what they wanted, then they did get it. But I hope they realize it is not good attention," Raimrez said.

The Bruin students felt a sense of violation Tuesday night; worrying about their personal safety.

They said they did not know why anyone would target their apartment.

"It's upsetting that this is going on, but you can't ignore it," Phan said.

The Undergraduate's Student Association Council condemned the vandalism Tuesday night.

The council planned to meet with school administrators later in the week to address the issue.


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