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Hardy TV Titan Judge Judy Reveals Softer Side In Interview

LOS ANGELES ( — Her hard-nosed, no-nonsense, gritty fortitude in the courtroom is what makes her a television juggernaut — her soft, sensitive, maternal nature at home is what makes her a loving grandmother.

The queen of daytime television, Judge Judy Sheindlin, known for her authoritative, choppy attitude, evidently does have a delicate side, according to an interview with CBS2/KCAL9's Paul Magers.

This can be a challenge for most viewers to envision, understandably, as they've only ever seen Sheindlin on television, firing sarcasm, even scorn, at culpable defendants and plaintiffs alike.

"I don't do that with my grandchildren," Shiendlin said. "Sometimes I do with my... my children do it. My children are all very dry, funny, sharp people, and some of the grandchildren."

Sheindlin's husband, Jerry, suggests it was the grandchildren themselves who initially brought out the Judge's emotions of nurturing and acuity.

"That's the first time that I saw her get so emotional," Jerry said of their first grandchild's wedding last Fall. "I thought a tear was going to come out of her eye."

Sheindlin says that there are in fact many ways in which her grandchildren bring her joy.

"They're the best part of having children. My older grandchildren, I really appreciate, because they can drive me home after I've had too many cocktails," Sheindlin said. "It's perfect!"

As Sheindlin explained in Part One of her interview with Magers, her colorful characteristics on television are the demonstrations of an impregnable moral compass that her parents instilled in her, growing up in Brooklyn.

"I had very practical, wonderful parents, who had a good moral compass and a work ethic," Sheindlin said.

Judge Judy, who first began her career on television shortly after the age of 50, says she never anticipated the unparalleled success of the show, which is now approaching its 4,500th episode.

"You know, that was a giant leap of faith for everybody, including me," Sheindlin said. "Somebody who was a little past fifty (years), that nobody knew in the country, being able to parlay that into 18 years of wonderful, successful television is a dream."

As that dream continues, Judge Judy says she is still loving every moment of her job.

"I don't think I've ever had more fun that I'm having now. As long as you are enjoying good health, stay involved in something that keeps you in the mix."

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