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Happy Valentine's Day: Top 5 Failed Marriage Proposals At Sports Games

LOS ANGELES ( — Romantic acts, displays of love, and marriage proposals aren't necessarily new to professional sports arenas. However, through an increase in fan involvement on jumbo-trons, video over-boards, and outfield monitors, some bold fans have taken to seizing the opportunity to really put their lovers on the spot. Perhaps this comes from a place of security, counting on the pressure of tens of thousands of eyes in the stadium, and even more at home, to ensure a positive outcome.

Or, it is possible that this comes out of a theatrical intention. It has been suggested that some on-screen proposals have been staged.

Genuinely popping the question in front of a large crowd is a tremendous risk. For while the support of the crowd may mean motivation to the point a professional athlete might feel, if things don't go as planned, the weight is that much more abundant.

In the spirit of Valentine's day, we take a look at some on-screen rejections at sports arenas.

5.) This gentleman chose a nationally-televised basketball game between the Sacramento Kings and the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center in Houston to put hopeful fiance in the middle of the court and propose in front of everyone. By the end of the blunder, he walks down a different corridor from the woman who just ran away from him, with a mascot's arm around him and a beer in his hand:

Marriage Proposal Rejected at BasketBall Game by GuzerVideo on YouTube

4.) Our next 'reluctance to Romeo' comes from a UCLA game, where a man went with the ever-growing trend of proposing during the "Kiss Cam". In addition to being on screen, the man proposes out loud over a microphone for all the arena to hear and see. This decision backfires, as it only made her "Are you kidding" much more audible.

Video of marriage proposal gone wrong at UCLA basketball game by Don Jeffrey on YouTube

3.) If you haven't already been convinced that the looming, uneasy presence of an eccentric mascot overseeing your marriage proposal is a bad idea, watch this one. This time, the rejection itself is loud and clear for players, crowd, and mascot alike.

2.) The thing that makes this one painful to watch isn't so much the rather clear rejection, the reaction, or even the slap in the face. After all is said and done, everyone around him pretends that absolutely nothing happened, and even begin brushing past him just to get to the concession stand.

1.) Another man's proposal ends up with the woman backing away, being led in one direction, as mascot leads him in a different direction.

Spurs game wedding proposal...Rejected! 2-27-09 by beachbumbabe86 on YouTube


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