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Happy Ending For Dogs Caught Up In Wild Motor Home Chase Last Month

WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA)  -- The two dogs that broke -- and stole -- hearts during a harrowing pursuit of a stolen motor home last month, will have a happy ending to their story.

The two dogs escaped with their lives and as CBS2/KCAL9's Amy Johnson reports, they're now ready to start new ones.

They are ready to be adopted but there's a catch. The dogs are going as a tandem.

Johnson explained how you could bring the life-long buddies to your home.

Onyx and Starlet are at a foster home and happily playing together.

They are both doing well and thriving. That wasn't the cast last month when both got caught up in a live drama playing out on TV. The dogs endured fast speeds, wild turns and several crashes.

During the chase, Starlet could be seen perched up front. And then she jumped from the RV.

"It was horrifying," says Terri Fox, president of Foxy and the Hounds, "I think we all heard screams around the country because everyone was glued to their televisions and we could not believe she jumped. And she fell on her back. We thought, oh my gosh, her back must be broken."

Fox is also the founder of Foxy and the Hounds. Her friends and volunteers spent hours looking for the 1-year-old dog and found her with only minor injuries.

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Onyx stayed with the suspect until the final crash and even ran with the woman when the chase ended.

"She had a broken paw," says Fox, "and it was bloodied, as she was following her owner."

Amy Johnson, Starlet, Onyx

Onyx even sat with the suspect as police took her into custody.

"That was the part that got me the most," Fox says, "I could not believe this dog, that this woman almost killed, was still by her side running and chasing to just be with her. Dogs are incredible. And loyal to the end."

Fox recommends that someone with experience handling large dogs apply to adopt them.

"They are incredible," Fox says, "they are gentle giants. Cane Corsos and Mastiffs, by nature, are a great breed. They are big dogs. So we are very careful who we place them with. And we would like an experienced owner. They are incredible and they are very bonded. And we never separate bonded pairs -- ever. So they will stay together forever."

For more information about adopting the dynamic duo, click here.

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