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Hannah Anderson Makes 1st Appearance In Public Following Rescue

LAKEWOOD ( — Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old teen who was rescued Saturday following an almost week-long abduction, made her first public appearance Thursday afternoon.

A restaurant in Lakewood held a fundraiser with 20 percent of the proceeds reportedly going to the Anderson family. Family whisked Anderson out of a vehicle before she quickly entered the Lakeside Boll Weevil, the restaurant throwing the fundraiser.

The girl's mother and 8-year-old brother were both reportedly slain by her alleged abductor, longtime family "friend" James DiMaggio.

Anderson's alleged abductor was killed by FBI agents in Idaho last Saturday. Officials said he was shot at least five times.

Anderson's father did make a brief statement to the media prior to the fundraiser. He also thanked the four horseback riders who encountered DiMaggio and noticed something was "off."

Meanwhile, a series of documents released Thursday indicate DiMaggio's murderous kidnapping plan was long in the planning stages.

DiMaggio burned his house down, but investigators were able to find a series of interesting items inside his garage.

They said the items point to a man who methodically and carefully planned out the murders and kidnapping.

Reporting for KCAL9, Amy Johnson says authorities inventoried a long list of items -- duct tape, tarp, an incendiary device and a gas can.

DiMaggio also had several blankets and tarps as well as gravel for burial.

The documents also listed Winchester ammo as well as small caliber ammo and several empty ammo boxes. There were also printouts of camping sites in Yosemite.

Anderson's mother was found dead under a tarp inside the garage. Her brother's remains were found inside the house.

Many people attended the restaurant fundraiser -- some who didn't know the Anderson family.  A lot of people said they just wanted to contribute and help the family through their ordeal.

"I want to give some money so that they can bury the mother and the son that were killed in the burned-out house," said Lakewood resident Steve Ryan.

The family released a new statement Thursday. "While this is a very difficult time in our lives, we are grateful for the love and support of our family and friends as well as the media and local and national law enforcement, all of whom were instrumental in the safe return of Hannah."

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