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'Yo, What's Up?': Hacker Gains Control, Makes Explicit Comments Through Ring Security System In Calabasas Home

CALABASAS (CBSLA) — Just last week, a video went viral of a stranger hacking into an in-home Ring security system, and now it's happened again.

A Calabasas family claims a hacker seized control of their in-home Ring security system and then began making explicit comments.

A woman, who wished to be identified only as Tammy, was shocked when she heard a mysterious voice coming from her Ring security camera.

"Yo, what's up? How's your day?" the voice said.

"My only thought was, 'I've got to get this turned around'" Tammy said. "So I  walked over and acted as calmly as I could and turned it to the wall."

The man on the other end began making crude comments to Tammy. "Horrible, horrible things," she said.

"Hi, show me some [expletive]," the voice could be heard saying.

The hacker then set off all of the alarms inside the home. "I knew he was tapping into this camera, he was tapping into my bedroom camera," Tammy said. " So it became a little bit overwhelming for a few moments."

Tammy said she only had the camera for four weeks, as a way to keep an eye on her ailing dog, but worried it could have captured much more.

"They could have been taking photos of me, they could have been sending those out to the internet."

Tammy immediately reached out to Ring regarding the incident.

"I got an email," she said. "Just a form email from them saying they verified that I had in fact been hacked and that it was due to a weak password and I should just change my password."

There have been other reports of Ring systems being hacked, including a recent instance where a young girl heard a man claiming he was Santa Claus through a Ring camera in her bedroom.

Ring released a statement saying in part:

"Our security team has investigated this incident and we have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of Ring's systems or network...We encourage Ring customers to change their passwrods and enable two-factor authentication."

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