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Guardian Angels Help Kids Spread Their Own Wings

If your child fears the dark, needs inspiration or has a difficult time making friends it may be time to send in a member of the G.A.R.D. - as in the Guardian Angel Rainbow Division.

The G.A.R.D is made up of seven plush dolls with different nationalities, personalities and specialties that are all part of the Custard 'n Jelly doll collection. Each guardian angel was created by LA's 11 year-old Ally Mollo to provide comfort to other children who want to hug or hold something to feel safe and secure.

A child can pick a doll that represents the type of angel they feel they need and each doll comes with a story about how she earned her wings. Children can carry their Guardian Angels with them to school or when traveling by using a clip to attach the doll to a backpack.

Ally started the company with the help of her parents who were inspired by their daughter's creative drawings of her own guardian angel, her grandfather. "My mom always said my grandpa was looking over me so I drew lots of angels representing my family and friends," said Ally.

Many parents look to harness a sport, music or acting talent with their kids but Ally's mom saw a business idea and involved her child in the process. Ally didn't want to become just an entrepreneur. She wanted to take her business to the next level and became a "socialprenuer."

"It was Ally's idea to use a portion of the sales proceeds to go towards a charity that helps kids," said her mom, Julie Mollo.
Each doll comes with a registration code. When a customer registers a doll, he or she helps a child in need by choosing the charity to which a portion of the sale will be donated. Each of the available charities were carefully selected by Ally to be Grade A quality and geared towards children.

It appears Ally has found her own wings through her Guardian Angels. The Custard n' Jelly concept is taking off. The dolls were picked by Time as one of the top 15 Smartest Toys for Young Geniuses in 2011 and plans are taking flight to expand the brand.

Custard n' Jelly Website
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Michelle Mears-Gerst is a writer in Orange County who has son with a socialpreneural spirit, "Not every kid can or wants to be a pro-athlete, singer or dancer - some want to build a business with a social conscience." You can find her at @sunnynsocal or on Facebook.

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