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Group Of First Responders In San Bernardino Recognized For Bravery, Courage

SAN BERNARDINO ( — It was a short drive, but enough time for Victor Young to have deep thoughts.

"I was at Waterman [Avenue] and Gilbert Street, which is about a mile and a half up the road from the Inland Regional Center," said Young, a San Bernardino Unified School District officer, in recalling the events of Dec. 2.

"I had fear," he said. "It was a situation where you think to yourself, 'I could not be going home at the end of the day.' It's a very real, realistic situation. But, of course, just like myself or the other officers, it's about going there to help the people. You know, people heard over the radio, people were getting shot, people were injured."

Young was asked to help with triage.

"A lot of people scared, a lot of the employees were running out, the ones that were injured," he recalled. "The thought goes through their mind that this is probably the worst day of their life, and you just want to be there to help them out the best you can."

Young was among the more than 30 school police officers who were recognized Tuesday by the district for their roles.

"This is a time to give thanks where thanks is due and we want to compliment the leadership of our teams and of our community," said a presenter during the ceremony.

"I've always been in my mind ready to help my community, San Bernardino, and I think that that day it just proved to me that I was ready and that I am willing to help my community," said Robert Arellano, another school police officer who was honored. "It was an eye-opener."

Each one of the officers received an award for bravery and courage.

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