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Duo Looks To Locate Former Marine, Return Acquired Box Of Military Keepsakes

RIVERSIDE ( — The owners of a box of trinkets and mementos that belonged to a former US marine, originally won from a storage facility auction, are attempting to track the former owner down to return it.

While the box primarily contained a number of ticket stubs, including to football and baseball games, and an Eddie Van Halen concert ticket stub, the box also holds a number of military keepsakes.

Dog tags were found in the box, with the name Jeremy A. Wood etched into them, along with an Iwo Jima ring.

The box was bought by a woman at a garage sale. Upon discovering the treasures inside, she initially returned to the sellers in Riverside to learn more about it.

The people who sold her the box said they don't know who the owner is, since they had won it in a storage auction.

Steve Johnson in looking to help find the owner, who may also go by the name of Jay Wood, which was written on business cards.

"I don't know how long he was in the service, but these look old," Johnson said. "There's a lot of stuff here."

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