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Crowds At Griffith Observatory Enjoy Rare Partial Solar Eclipse

LOS ANGELES (— Griffith Observatory hosted a free public viewing of a rare, late-afternoon partial eclipse of the sun on Thursday.

The maximum eclipse hit just before 3:30 p.m., and was viewed by visitors at the Observatory, including students from Bloomington's Crestmore Elementary School.

"We read a novel about some kids who watched a solar eclipse and we have been studying the solar system and have been so excited about coming here," said Kathy Steele, a teacher. "We just happened to make our appointment for today so the kids got to watch a partial solar eclipse."

But they weren't the only ones who came the distance for the show.

"We are looking for the sun," said Marie Lelong, a French tourist. "Now it look nice, but it's a small one."

The last partial eclipse was back in May of 2012.

The next eclipse is expected to take place on Aug. 21, 2017.

To watch an archived stream of the eclipse, click here.

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