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Gov. Newsom Reacts To CBSLA's Kimberly Long Investigation

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — Kimberly Long was convicted for the 2003 murder of her boyfriend Ozzie Conde.

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Ozzie was beaten to death. There was blood splattered all over the room -- on the walls, the TV, the drapes, the carpet and the furniture.

Prosecutors told the jury she killed Ozzie, cleaned up, got rid of the murder weapon and then called 911. All in less than an hour.

But years later her new attorneys at the California Innocence Project found evidence the jury never saw that shows the clothes she was wearing that night had no blood on them.

That prompted the judge who presided over the trail to set her free after she spent seven years in prison.

Judge Patrick Magers said in open court that "it's highly unlikely that she committed the crime."

CBSLA's Randy Paige showed the evidence to former jurors who convicted her. Their reaction?

"Based on the clothing, she couldn't have done it," said former juror Arnie White.

But an appellate court ruled Kimberly should go back to prison and now the California Supreme Court is taking up the case. In the meantime, California Innocence Project Director Justin Brooks says Gov. Gavin Newsom may be Kimberly's last option.

"I believe that Kimberly deserves a pardon," said Brooks.

Last week Paige asked White the same question.

"She has been wrongly convicted," said White.

And Tuesday Paige carried the former juror's message directly to Gov. Newsom.

Paige: "If I give you all of the information I've put together, will you look into it?"

Newsom: "One hundred percent. It's interesting I remember Gov. Brown mentioned to me when we were transitioning he spent upwards of thirty hours a week on issues related to parole and commutations and I thought he was overstating that. I'm almost there. My point being this is a deeply significant part of the job of being governor and every one of these cases matters because people's lives hang in the balance. Not only I'll do that, I'm making a note so I don't forget."

Paige: "Let me tell you one more thing. One of the jurors told me just a few days ago. I said what would you say to Gavin Newsom? His answer -- 'this was a wrongful conviction. Something has to be done about this. If this was me giving him this advice, I would say a pardon would be in order because this is just a travesty of justice.' "

Newsom: "Well let me just find out the facts first and let's assess the facts. I made a note and we'll get to this. You've got my commitment. we'll look into it and more important we'll get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you."

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