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Gov. Gavin Newsom takes his "Campaign For Democracy" to the South

Gov. Gavin Newsom takes his "Campaign For Democracy" to the South
Gov. Gavin Newsom takes his "Campaign For Democracy" to the South 02:33

A quick look at Gov. Gavin Newsom's Twitter page shows the statesman has been everywhere but the Golden State the last few days.

He traveled all over the country's southern states, from Jackson Mississippi where he tweeted a photo with his family watching a film at the Civil Rights Museum to Alabama where he shared a photo from Montgomery's Legacy Museum talking about United States history and racism. 

He also visited Arkansas' Central High School, known for the famous Little Rock Nine who attended the school after the landmark Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education, desegregated schools.

The stops could make some think he's considering a run for president, however, the governor has said he "has a sub-zero interest in becoming" the country's leader. 

"The problem with our country right now is authoritarian leaders who are so hell-bent on gaining power and keeping it by whatever means necessary," said Newsom. 

The tour across the South is part of his "Campaign For Democracy." Launched last week, Newsom aims to support democrats and fight GOP policies by promoting progressive values ahead of the 2024 election. 

"He's a public figure," said Los Angeles resident Mark Norman. "A lot of people look up to him. I voted for him. I am in support of this."

As the governor campaigns, California continues to face some big issues such as homelessness, the opioid crisis and the winter storms many are still recovering from. 

"I think it would be nice to have the person in charge here with us — dealing with it with us," said L.A. resident Maya Amiel.

Considering his apparent lack of interest in running for president, some question his high-profile, out-of-state trips.

"It feels very hypocritical doesn't it?" said GOP Budget Chair Mario Guerra.

Guerra said Newsom needs to fix California before making the state an example for others to follow. 

"He hasn't finished the job yet we went from a $100 billion surplus two years to a $30 billion deficit this year," said Guerra. "We have 50% of the nation's homelessness here and we have high crime — our gas prices are out of control."

The governor said he's going out of state to fight where freedom is most under attack. He'll also be making stops in Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas to further his effort. It's a balancing act but some supporters feel he can navigate.

"There's very important national issues going on and I think he can handle both the state and national at the same time," said Norman.

Newsom plans to visit Indiana, Souther Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas to further his effort."

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