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Amazon Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary At San Bernardino Distribution Complex

SAN BERNARDINO ( —Amazon employees and company executives, along with Gov. Jerry Brown, celebrated one year of success at the San Bernardino Fulfillment Center on Tuesday morning.

The event at the 1 million-square-foot facility, located at 1910 E. Central Ave., began at 10 a.m.

KCAL9's Tom Wait reported that the distribution center started with 700 employees and now has 1,400 staffers.

"I think this is going to make a big difference in San Bernardino. I know a lot of people didn't have jobs, so I'm very excited," said employee Ana Ramirez.

Brown lauded Amazon's achievements.

"It's great this facility is here and it's expanding. It's great that our laws are accommodating," he said.

According to KNX 1070, pays more than 30 percent higher wages compared to traditional retail outlets.

"These are good jobs, these are jobs that will help move our economy forward and have our residents making the kind of money that helps them sustain a good lifestyle and stay here in the county and spend money," said Felisa Cardona, Deputy Public Information Officer at County of San Bernardino.

Amazon Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary At San Bernardino Distribution Complex

The facility is a bright spot in bankrupt San Bernardino. Repeating that success, however, could be a problem. Redevelopment money that was diverted to help pay for the facility is no longer available, and Brown said the program is over.

"Redevelopment used to take money away from schools and away from counties, and that's why we had to get rid of [it], but we'll see other ways," he said.

Amazon also announced a new fulfillment center will be built in Moreno Valley, which means 1,000 new jobs will be available.

Fulfillment centers are where Amazon products are picked, packed and shipped. Amazon describes them as modern, secure facilities with 24-hour security staff  and fully automated wireless and computer-networked order tracking.

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