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Gotta Go? Hollywood Bowl Rolls Out Green-Light System For Restrooms

Tooshlights LED lighting system
The Tooshlights system utilizes an ultrasonic sensor to trigger a LED light to change to either a red or green color, which in turn signals venue attendees about the stall's occupancy.(Photo courtesy Tooshlights)

LOS ANGELES ( — The Hollywood Bowl is making it easier for guests to "know where to go."

The iconic 17,000-seat concert venue has installed an LED lighting system in its restrooms that shows guests which stalls are available while they're waiting in between music sets.

Tooshlights, as the system is called, utilizes an ultrasonic sensor which is reliant on the stall's dimensions to trigger a LED light to change to either a red or green color, which in turn signals venue attendees about the stall's occupancy.

With partial installation already complete, the Bowl is scheduled to have the LED system installed in all of their public restrooms by 2014.

Allen Klevens, co-founder of the Newbury Park-based Tooshlights company, told KNX 1070's Tom Haule the system is designed to expedite restroom wait times, enhance restroom security, and assure restroom privacy.

Allen Klevens

"We've all sat in that stall, that lonely stall, and wondered if somebody is gonna walk in or we're walking in and we don't know if somebody's gonna be in that stall," Klevens said.

Venue owners have the ability to change the color of the lights depending on whether a stall is functioning or out of order, further escalating the restroom's flow of traffic, according to Klevens.

In addition to the stall sensor, Tooshlights also offers a mobile app that provides real-time data to venue owners and patrons regarding the exact number of available restroom stalls and the condition of those stalls.

"The patrons will be able to log on to the app, click the stadium they're at, the section and seat they're sitting in, and see, 'Hey, there's one stall available, but there's 40 stalls available if I walk just another 30 seconds," Klevens said.

Officials with the Hollywood Bowl say they have so far seen promising results.

"There is no more standing in line waiting for stalls that are actually sitting unoccupied," said Bowl operations director Ed Tom. "Our patrons have definitely noticed the difference."

The technology has been adapted for both regular and handicapped bathroom stalls, and is not designed to be disrupted by multiple occupants in a stall at one time, according to Klevens.

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