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Good Samaritans jump in to save CHP officer pinned to the ground by suspect

Everado Navarro is still in disbelief that a seemingly calm interaction between a man and a California Highway Patrol officer could escalate to a life-or-death brawl so quickly. 

"I think about my kids at that moment," said Navarro. "And at the same time, I did think the officer may have a family as well."

According to the CHP, the brawl happened last Friday at about 5 p.m. near the I-5 Freeway on-ramp and Main Street in Santa Ana. At first, two motorcycle cops approached the suspect, who was accused of yelling at drivers, but only one remained after they issued the man a warning. 

With only one officer at the scene, the suspect returned wanting to fight the patrolman, according to CHP.

"Like he actually grabbed his bike, the officer's bike," said Navarro. 

The suspect was able to overpower the officer, pinning him to the ground. With the officer In a dire situation, Navarro jumped in to help. 

"I punched the guy in the ribs but it felt like nothing," said Navarro. "He just continued grabbing the officer down. At that moment, my only concern was to avoid the person from grabbing the officer's gun."

With help from two other men, Navarro was able to pull the suspect off the officer. The motorcycle cop suffered only minor injuries to his thumb. The suspect was hospitalized for injuries to his face.

Three men helped save a CHP officer's life after a suspect pinned him to the ground. Everado Navarro

A California Highway Patrol spokesperson said that without the Good Samaritans' help, the situation could have ended much worse. Navarro said the officer profusely thanked the men who possibly saved his life.  

"He said thank you at least five, six times," said Navarro. "I could sense that he was being very honest from his heart that he knew what type of risk he was going through."

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