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Going Viral: Half-Naked, Unconscious Guy Dragged Off Train By White Man Eager To Get Home

LONG BEACH  (CBSLA)  --   A white man in a suit was seen on video dragging a dark-skinned man -- unconscious and with his pants down -- onto a Metro train platform. The unidentified white man then pulls the man's pants up before returning to the train to grab some items presumably belonging to the unconscious man.

"Will somebody please hold the door,"  the man in the suit says as he tosses what appear to be a sweatshirt and two bags of the unconscious man's belongings next to him.

The man on the platform -- black, Middle Eastern or perhaps Indian -- remains still and unresponsive. His sweat pants apparently came down as the man in the suit dragged him off the train.

The man in the suit returns to the train and whoever is recording the video has serious words for him.

"Dude just had a seizure. This white boy is gonna drag him off the damn train so he don't miss his ride," the voice of the man recording the video says. He calls himself Billion.

For several minutes as the camera is rolling the man on the platform does not appear to move. The guy in the suit then tries to explain himself to whoever is recording the video.

But that man is not having it -- to say the least. He berates the man for his sense of entitlement.

"There are a lot of people on this train that want to get home," the man in the suit explains.

The man taking the cell phone video again chides the man for his apparent lack of humanity or concern.  Later, after several minutes, the man in the suit exits the train to check on the man who is unconscious.

KCAL9's Tom Wait spoke to Long Beach paramedics who confirm they went to the Wardlow Metro station yesterday after getting a 911 call about a man having a seizure.

The man was taken to the hospital but Wait reports that we do not know what condition he was in or what caused him to become unconscious.  The man taking the video mentions seeing stitches in the man's head.

Metro released a statement that reads in part:

"...Obviously, this is very disturbing and we never want to see this on our system. We're getting all the facts including reviewing the video from the train and the platform..."

Whatever did happen, the whole scene was disturbing to passengers shocked by the apparent lack of humanity.

"You would hope that people would have a little more compassion for their fellow humans," said one man.

Eventually the man in the suit goes out to check on the unconscious guy on the platform.

"Bro are you responsive?" he says feeling for a pulse.

Ugly Train Incident
(credit: BillionGodSun/YouTube)

Billion says "Don't act like you give a f--k now, you're the one who dragged him off the train."

"I thought he might be drunk." says the man in the suit.

"It don't matter what the f--k you thought," Billion said. "He had a f---king seizure. You had no right to put your f---king hands on him."

Billion makes the point that "white motherf---ckers think they can do what ever they want."

The video ends when paramedics show up.

Wait reached out to LBPD. It's not clear if the man in the suit has been identified or if he's facing any charges.

Warning: The YouTube video is filled with cursing and partial nudity. To see the video, click here.

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