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Girl Scout Cookies Go High-Tech

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Time was if you wanted your Girl Scout cookie fix, you had to wait till you ran into them outside a supermarket or perhaps you have a co-worker with one of those sign-up sheets...

At best, getting your Girl Scout cookie habit met, could be hit or miss.

No more! The girls have gone high-tech.

A new Girl Scout cookie locator (we're not making this up) tracks down -- by zip code -- how you can find dates, times and locations where the cookies are being sold.

Genius! Why did they take so long to come up with this!? No matter. It's here now.

Cue the Thin Mints! Pack up the Samoas! Bust open the Tagalongs! (For the record, we also miss the sugar-free chocolate chip cookies -- what's up with that!?)

And did you know two companies were responsible for making the popular treats. Rachel Kim, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, put the competing Thin Mints to the test!

For the cookie locator, click here.

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