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Girl, 9, Scared To Go To School Because Of Bully

SUNLAND ( — A 9-year-old girl who attends Sunland Elementary said she is scared to go to school because she's being bullied by another third-grade student.

"I start crying and I start begging my mom not to go to school. It's not pretty," Sophia Stuart said.

Sophia's mother, Emily Stuart, said the bully physically attacks her daughter and has even put bugs in her lunch. She said the student in question also attacks other kids in the same class.

Stuart said the principal and the Los Angeles Unified School District refuse to take immediate disciplinary action against the girl.

"I don't know what to do. I've turned to the district, I've turned to the parents, I've turned to the administration, and there's really not anything we can do now other than keep her home," she said.

The district told Weingold the matter is confidential and referred her to their bullying policy online.

The policy states, in part, "Physical bullying includes intentional, unwelcome acts of beating, biting, fighting, hitting, kicking, poking, punching, pushing, shoving, spitting, and tripping."

"Really, the teachers and the administration have no control over it. They do nothing. They just let her run amok," Stuart said.

Sophia said the bullying has become so bad that there's a code word in the classroom, specifically for when the bully gets out of control.

"When we hear that, we run to the nearest exit, either the one to a second-grade classroom, the back door or the front door," she said.

Stuart said unless the district decides to step in and take action, she doesn't feel comfortable sending her child back to school.

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