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Corona Girl, 15, Nearly Loses Ear In Pit Bull Attack

CORONA ( — Authorities Saturday said a 15-year-old girl was attacked by a pit bull -- and nearly lost an ear -- while walking her Shih Tzu in south Corona.

Corona police said in a department statement that the attack happened about 4:15 p.m. Friday on Morales Way and Honors Lane.

The victim, identified as Alex Cuevas, was taken to Loma Linda Medical Center. The dog ripped off her right ear and severely injured her dog. The Shih Tzu might lose an eye.

"My dog could have been killed," Cuevas told CBS2's Art Barron. All Cuevas' injuries were sustained trying to protect her dog. "The pit bull got her neck. It was horrible, horrible ... screaming, yelping sounds. She was squirming on the ground, in pain. There was blood."

The statement said Animal Control took the pit bull, which was unlicensed, into custody. It is now being quarantined. A spokesperson for Animal Control said they were unable to find any registration, or proof of vaccination for the dog.

Cuevas' right ear had to be re-attached with seven staples and stitches. She also had a puncture wound to her finger.

She told Barron that the attack occurred near an elementary school and she was just grateful the dog didn't attack a small child. "I'm just glad it was me and not some little kid walking home from school. We have little kids running around the community. It could have been one of them instead of me."

Barron also spoke to the pit bull's owner, Tom Morenes, who said the dog got loose through an open gate. "Someone didn't close the gate," he said. "It's unfortunate."

Cuevas credits a man with a shovel for shooing the pit bull away.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Corona Police Department at (951) 736-2330.

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