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Getting A Physical Checkup Doesn't Have To Be Such A Chore

LOS ANGELES ( — A crackling fireplace, gourmet meals, a massage and many other luxuries may sound like a day at the spa. But it's actually a part of a luxury physical, where clients get pampered while undergoing a physical checkup.

Lisa Bonbright is CEO of two Los Angeles restaurant chains. She works an average of 15 hours a day, making it tough for her to take time off to go to doctors appointments.

For that reason, the luxury physical offered at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, where the California Health and Longevity Institute is based, is perfect for her busy schedule.

Her day began with a full blood work-up. Instead of a hospital gown, Bonbright changed into a plush white robe. Then it was time for a four-course vegan breakfast.

Over the next few hours, she had her lungs, eyes, ears and heart tested.

After a break for lunch, the checkups continued. Bonbright underwent metabolic testing to see how many calories she burns, followed by a test on a treadmill test to measure her exercise capacity. A dental exam was also included.

There are several packages. The one Bonbright chose costs $4,250. Bonbright's health insurance did not cover much of it. But she had no qualms about paying for it out of her own pocket.

"It could take me three weeks of different appointments to get through what you can do in that one day," she said.

Leon Henderson-MacLennan is medical director of the institute. "Time is compliance. The more efficiently time is used, the more people will follow recommendations, see the people they need to see for optimal health and well-being."

It will take up to a week for Bonbright to get the full results of all her exams.

The Luxury Physical at CHLI is the newest offering of The Ranch 4.0. That's a 4-day $4,100 luxury boot camp designed to help participants adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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