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Get The Kids Involved In Spring Cleaning With Tips From Molly Maid!

STUDIO CITY ( — Embarking on some spring cleaning, but could use some help from the kids?

If so, Steve Chaput, a franchise owner of Molly Maid, has some ideas to turn cleaning into fun for little ones.

Chaput stopped by the KCAL9 studios Monday to show viewers different ways to get your kids motivated to help spring clean their homes.

Make it a game:

• Do your kids love to skate? Spray your floor with an all-purpose cleaner and let them slide around in old socks to pick up dirt and grime. If you've got a little basketball player, set up a laundry basket so that as they match socks, they can practice their free throws.

Use the imagination:

• Kids love pretending bed sheets are capes and buckets are hats. Spice up cleaning time by offering fun new ways to clean. For example, stale bread rolled into a ball cleans scuffs, crayon and pencil from walls. They will be amazed with what they can do with bread!

Let them decorate:

• Use your children's ideas when decorating and arranging the furniture in their rooms. If a child favors the décor and is excited about the re-arrangement of the room, he or she will be more likely to keep it clean.

Race against time:

• Name a specific goal like gathering dirty clothes and set a time limit. If kids complete the task in time, they earn a treat like a fifteen-minute extension on bed time or family game night. Display the best times to beat on a board of champions.

Establish order:

• By using a chore chart, kids get a clear, visible, and digestible way to understand their roles and responsibilities. Give them stickers to let them decorate their chart and make it their own.


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