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Get A $5 Haircut, Support Relief Efforts In Japan

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Helping with the Japan relief effort is as easy as getting a hair cut.

Marinello beauty school campuses across Southern California are holding a "Japan Relief Cut-a-Thon" from Tuesday, March 29, through Saturday, April 2.

Haircuts are just $5 per customer and all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts in Japan.

"We were all very excited. We took to the streets with our flyers, handing them out... I sent a text to everyone i know and got huge response this week," said Yunea Cruz of the Marinello School of Beauty in Burbank.

For the next five days, all the proceeds from the 46 Southern California campuses will go to the American Red Cross.

"I know they need it. You see how families have been devastated. Hopefully the Red Cross can do something with it and put it to good cause," Cruz said.

The last donation drive by the Marinello Schools of Beauty was to help the victims in Haiti. It was a two day cut-a-thon that raised $22,000.

The Burbank location hopes to double or triple that amount to help
the people in Japan.

For more information, and to find a location near you, visit Marinello.

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