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New CBS News Poll Shows Tight Race In California Recall Election

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With less than one month until the recall election, a new CBS News poll shows how Californians are feeling about the effort to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom and the pandemic.

The poll shows a close contest, with the governor's lead shrinking to just 4 percent when only considering "likely voters."

A significant majority of those looking to oust Newsom say it's because they oppose him and the job he's doing.

For those who'd vote to keep him, according to the poll, it's support for Newsom personally as well as the overwhelming sentiment that there shouldn't be a recall in the first place.

On the COVID-19 pandemic, the poll found 72 percent of Californians felt the recent rise in cases was preventable - and 59 percent of people who are fully vaccinated say those who are "unwilling" to get the shot are putting "people like me at risk."

The poll also asked if California businesses should mandate vaccines for employees and found 61 percent responded "yes."

Most Californians also said indoor businesses and venues should require vaccines for customers, according to the poll.

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