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Gas Station Stick-Up Caught On Camera

COMPTON (CBSLA) — A robber forced a Compton cashier to empty out the cash register and she stayed calm with a gun in her face. It was all caught on camera.

A security camera captured the hold-up on Dec. 6 at 1 p.m. in the afternoon.

The cashier emptied about $150 from her register.

Luis Medina is the manager of the Chevron at the corner of North Wilmington Avenue and Rosecrans Avenue in Compton.

"It's scary. Especially me and my crew working here. We're a little shaken up," said Medina.

He should know. The same masked man held him up two days later at 9 p.m.

This time about $200 was taken.

"He used a 45 revolver. So he did point at us as soon as he walked in," said Medina. "All he said was, 'give me everything you have.' "

But that's not all.

On Wednesday a silver sedan with tinted windows pulled up to a pump where a customer was filling her tank.

A woman gets out, walks around the white car, then toward the convenience store.

Next a man gets out of the silver car and snatches the customer's phone.

They struggled as another customer tried to help.

The female suspects ran back to the victim's car and grabbed a purse before the silver sedan circles back.

The suspects get in as the victim jumped on the hood.

As it drove away the victim slid off onto the concrete and the suspects got away.

Medina says the purse stealing at the pump does not appear to be related to the two hold-ups but believes the same man robbed him and his co-worker because the armed robber had the same gun and mask.

"Every time I'd go to sleep I would see his face. So it is. It is scary," said Medina.

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