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Gas Prices Continue To Rise In SoCal

LOS ANGELES ( — Gas prices in Southern California are continuing to skyrocket.

Fuel was an average of $3.98/gallon this time last year. A month ago, it was more than $4. Last week, prices spiked to $4.18.

On Thursday? The price was at $4.30/gallon.

AAA's Marie Montgomery said it's been a "crazy" few weeks.

"We're up about 70 cents since the end of January. Unfortunately, the wholesale market really spiked up on news that a couple of our refineries here in Southern California were having longer than expected maintenance," she said.

KCAL9's Bobby Kaple reported that wholesale gas prices in Los Angeles, however, have dropped 15 to 20 cents over the past week.

David Avoyan, a limo driver, is one of many Southland residents getting pummeled at the pump.

"I drive 150 miles a day minimum…so it's like, every day I have to go. The next day, I have to put another $60 to $70. It's outrageous," he said. "I guess we're hoping it will go down, maybe in a week or two, because this is just crazy."

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