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Funeral Homes And Other 'Wrong Places' By Rebecca Fisher

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Have you ever wondered what goes on in funeral homes behind closed doors? Rebecca Fisher can tell you all about it, just in time for Halloween!

Having raised her small daughter and worked in a Northern California mortuary only a few short years ago, Rebecca Fisher has relayed her eye-opening, eerie and entertaining experiences with mortuary life, paranormal activity, divorce, single parenthood and strength into her literary debut, All The Wrong Places.

Largely featuring her own real-life experiences with the macabre and supernatural, Rebecca's unusual tale is one that will put anyone with a penchant for the paranormal and spooky on the edge of their seat. With the morbidity of Six Feet Under, the suspense of Sleeping With the Enemy and a gritty-yet-entertaining realism that's all her own, Rebecca's story is a cautionary, timely tale that - from the suspenseful beginning to the warm, celebratory finish - will have its audience emotionally in the thick of the spooky, sometimes-morbid and altogether life-changing events that Rebecca herself bravely faced.

For more on the book, visit Fisher online.

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