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Fullerton Residents Discover Bags Stuffed With KKK Fliers On Their Lawns

FULLERTON ( — Residents in Orange County are expressing outrage after discovering bags stuffed with Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers on their lawns over the weekend.

"It's just wrong. There's no words. That's what it is. Basically, there's nothing right about it," said Fullerton resident Alia Cass of the bags, which were found along Amerige and N. Yale avenues Sunday and accompanied by Tootsie pops and rocks.

"Racism isn't born. It's taught," Cass added.

The fliers state "Save our land. Join the clan in California" and include a website address and a hotline number.

CBS2's Crystal Cruz spoke to the man at the end of the hotline number by phone.

He was identified as Aaron Barker from the Loyal White Nights KKK North Carolina chapter.

He said anyone can download fliers from his website, but doesn't know who tossed them out around Fullerton.

But, he claims, prisons are filled with mostly African Americans and he's concerned about crime.

Cruz: "Sir, but if you're so concerned with crime, wouldn't you focus on all races, not just one? If you're so concerned about it, shouldn't you be promoting no crime for all races?"

Barker: "I'm actually trying to point out the problem, while you're wanting to beat around the bush and say 'all races commit crime.' Yes that's true, but who commits the majority of the crime? Who commits the majority of the rape? And you'll see its the African American community."

Barker said he disagrees with the recent killing of nine people in Charleston, S.C.

"I think what he done he should've actually went after the correct ones. You know, the black thugs selling drugs to the youth on the street corner. I mean, he actually shot a bunch of people that
was in church praying so I'm against that part," Barker said.

Police said it's not illegal to pass out KKK fliers, nor throw them away as many neighbors did.

"I still keep hope that there can be peace amongst people because we all bleed red," said Darrell Roberts, another Fullerton resident.

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