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Friends Of Heidi Planck Hold Vigil For The Missing Mother

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —   On Sunday night, friends of Heidi Planck held a vigil and continued to canvass downtown Los Angeles with flyers hoping to raise awareness of the 39-year old who's been missing for three weeks. 

"Hopefully, (we can) garner some more strength to keep going," said one of Planck's friends. "Because we're not going to stop until we find out what happened to our friend."

The single mom was last seen on a security camera leaving her home in Palms on Oct. 17.

"Heidi is missing," said Danielle Nadolny. "She's well-loved (and) severely missed. She has a son that misses her. She has friends and family that miss her and just want her home safe."  

Hours later, her dog was found at an apartment complex at the corner of Hope and 12th streets in downtown L.A.

Friends say business owners have allowed them to post their flyers and they have tried to focus their efforts in the Melrose district where Planck frequented. 

As her friends walked through Melrose speaking to strangers they learned about the impact Planck has had on those in the community.

"I really believe that who you are and your character is who you are when nobody is looking," said a friend. "The fact that when walking the streets and talking to these random people that were part of Heidi's everyday life and the way that they just gushed about her, the same way her friends do. I think it's a testament to who she is and how she showed up every day."

Police confirmed that they are investigating the case but denied sharing any details of their investigation. Her friends said they hope to eventually bring Planck home to her 10-year old son.

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