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Friend, Teammate Talks To CBS2 About Murder Of College Football Player

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — To the fans of Idaho football, Ken McRoyal was a standout wide receiver.

To Dominique Blackman, he was a cousin, best friend and University of Idaho teammate.

He spoke to CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Amanda Burden Sunday evening -- trying to make sense of the murder of his friend less than 24 hours after McRoyal was gunned down in downtown Los Angeles early Sunday morning.

Blackman had trouble holding back the tears. "They took somebody who meant a lot to our family and not only to our family but to a lot, to college football, to this community. He's a Katrina survivor. He's bigger than that, he's a father, my friend."

McRoyal had arrived at the Brewery Lots in Lincoln Heights at the time a fashion shoot was wrapping. It was about 1:30 in the morning. Details are sketchy, but police said there was some kind of verbal altercation between McRoyal and at least four men. One of them opened fire, shooting McRoyal and another man who was shot in the arm.

Blackman was the last person McRoyal texted, just minutes before the shooting. "I was the last person he talked to...telling me where he's at and saying to come to Hollywood, but I wasn't there for him. I told him I couldn't find a ride."

Burden reported from El Camino Junior College -- the school McRoyal attended before he transferred to the University of Idaho.

Candles burned at a vigil held for McRoyal who many said had major promise. His former coach, John Featherstone,  said he could have played in the NFL."Kenny was one of the best. Just a loving young man going in the right direction. He became a dad three years ago, and he was doing much better in school."

Blackman can't understand why anyone would want to hurt his beloved cousin and friend. He called him his brother. "He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time."

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