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Fox, Lloyd Go 'Back To The Future' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

HOLLYWOOD ( — Micheal J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd made "Back to the Future" fans very happy Wednesday night when they drove a DeLorean onto the set of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

They stepped back into their roles as Marty McFly and Doc Brown and began asking the talk show host what had changed in the last 30 years.

Kimmel had to sadly break it to them that there are no hoverboards or flying cars, as featured in "Back to the Future Part II," but he did whip out his smartphone to show them how to take a selfie.

What's amazing is how McFly and Lloyd stay in character during the whole 10-minute exchange.

And also sweeping the web is this shot posted by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, also a guest on "Kimmel," with Lloyd backstage.

In the caption he rewrites a scene from the movie where McFly tells a curious 1955 Doc Brown that Ronald Reagan is president in 1985.

Who knows - if it doesn't work out for Sanders in 2016 he now has Lloyd and the DeLorean on his side to rewrite history.

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