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Former Police Dog Attacks Eastvale Man Before Being Stabbed

EASTVALE ( — A former Los Angeles County Sheriff's canine officer was euthanized after attacking a man in Eastvale, the Riverside County Animal Services announced Monday.

The male German Shepherd was wandering around Ruby Giant Court Sunday when a man offered it water.

After taking a drink, the dog attacked the man and dragged him into the street, witnesses said.

Friends and relatives tried to get the dog off the man, but it wouldn't let go until it was stabbed with steak knives, according to a press release.

Animal officers took into custody the injured German shepherd on a lawn area in front of the house, where the attack occurred.

The dog look lethargic at first but immediately sat to attention when Riverside Animal Control Officer Will Luna got near it. "That dog must have recognized me and the uniform as someone of authority," said Luna. "He didn't show any aggression toward me at all."

Luna rushed the dog to an animal hospital, but the animal was euthanized because of severe stab wounds.

A microchip embedded in the pooch helped authorities identify him as a former L.A. County Sheriff's canine officer.

The 20-year-old victim was taken to a hospital in Corona to be treated for wounds to his arm, leg and ankle.

Ian Ilano said he saw the dog wandering near his home about an hour before the animal attacked the man.

"He looked thirsty. So I gave him water and food, and I fed him until he was done," Ilano recalled.

His mom said the canine was perfectly calm. "The dog was pretty friendly. We wanted to keep the dog for a little while. He wasn't really aggressive," Maria Sajorda said.

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