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Forget The Plane! Woman Finds King Snake In Car While Driving On 14 Freeway

LOS ANGELES ( —  Paging Samuel L. Jackson!

You thought snakes on a plane was an inconvenience? Try driving with one crawling right next to you and slithering between your legs.

Angie Guerrero was driving on the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita when she felt and then spotted the snake in her car.

She says she was so startled she nearly hit the car in the next lane.

Guerrero calmly found a spot to pull over, grabbed her dogs, jumped out and called 911.

It took the CHP about an hour to commandeer the snake, which was hiding in the dashboard.

Officials believe Guerrero encountered a King Snake -- they aren't venomous, but surely intimidating.

Guerrero said in the future she would be more careful before getting in the car but then she quipped, "How would you look for snakes? Who would ever think?"

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