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For Mom Of Child With Special Needs, Special Cart Makes Grocery Shopping Easier

LAKE ELSINORE ( — As the mother of a child with special needs, Jessica Pluckett was used to the challenge of pushing both a grocery shopping cart and her son's wheelchair at the same time.

Often, she would pull one and push the other. She called it "the train ride," and would often knock into items and block the way for other shoppers.

But after her local Canyon Hills grocery store purchased a more accommodating shopping cart made with the parents of special needs children in mind, life has gotten easier for Pluckett. Now, she can put her son and the groceries in the same cart.

It all started when Pluckett did some research and found the special chair, called "Caroline's Cart."

She contacted her local Stater Brothers, and was floored to hear back that the store decided to purchase the cart.

"It means the world to me," she said. "When I found out they did get the cart, I cried my eyes out, because something so small to other people is massively big to us."

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