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Footage Shows Young Boy On Bike Being Struck In Apparent Hit-And-Run

RESEDA ( — A young boy riding his bicycle was struck by a vehicle two weeks ago in Reseda, and on Tuesday night, the driver accused of leaving the scene spoke to CBS2.

The 12-year-old child identified as Amir Tabibian has a new bike but says he doesn't know when he'll use it.

"I'm scared to ride it," said Amir, who was struck on Reseda Boulevard and Bessemer Street.

Never-before-seen security video shows Amir on his bike when he was struck by a car. He flew onto the hood and then onto the concrete. His bike was stuck underneath the car.

His friend and bystanders were seen in the footage coming to help, but the driver never got out of the vehicle. Amir managed the get up, at which point the driver took off, according to the footage.

"She didn't say something like, 'Are you OK?' And she just going," Amir said.

Amir's father says he doesn't understand why the driver didn't stop but admits Amir was lucky as he was left with only scrapes and bruises.

"I say, 'Thanks, God.' Every time, I thought, 'Thanks, God,' " Amir's father said.

The family is working with an attorney to recover medical costs.

"She had a duty to stop and take responsibility for her actions," said Amy Vahdat, an attorney.

CBS2 ran the car's license plate and was able to find the person, who admits to being the driver, according to CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Andrea Fujii.

Andrea Fujii: "Are you going to turn yourself in because that little boy was hurt?"

Woman: "No, he told me he was OK."

Andrea Fujii: "Well, it's still a hit-and-run."

The woman continued to speak with Fujii off camera and said since Amir walked away, she thought everything was OK.

Police, meanwhile, said they've given the car's owner two weeks to respond to their investigation.

Amir says he has nightmares and hopes that one day he'll be able to get back on a bike.

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