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Man Claims Florist Refused To Serve His Same-Sex Wedding

AVON, Ind. (CBS Local) - A same-sex couple in Indiana is claiming that a local florist refused to serve them and their upcoming wedding.

David Elliot alleged in a Facebook post, which is no longer visible to the public, that the owner of a florist shop in Avon first agreed to make flowers for his wedding and then backed out after learning there was no bride.

"I said 'I need two boutonnieres.' She then said 'What does the bride need?' I said 'Well there is no bride.' And then she said 'Well then I'm going on vacation and I can't help you.' I then said 'OK,' and I walked out," Elliot posted on July 19.

The Indiana man then added that he assumed the florist's change of heart was caused by his same-sex relationship.

Avon Florist did not respond to requests for comment from local news outlets. Elliot told WRTV he wasn't angry about the alleged denial of service, but believes public businesses should be able to put their personal feelings aside for their customers.

The florist shop has already been attacked online by people in other parts of the country who see the alleged incident as anti-LGBTQ. Over a dozen one-star reviews have been submitted to Yelp by people as far away as California, claiming Avon Florist is "homophobic."

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act allows companies and individuals to use the expression of religious freedom as a defense for denying service to others in court. Multiple businesses in Indiana have reportedly cited their religious objections as the reason for refusing to serve same-sex individuals or events in recent years.

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