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Flip Flop Pop Up - Havaianas

One brilliant aspect of living in LA is the ability to wear flip flops year round. Thus, having a thong wardrobe from which to select is key to being your best LA self.

Announced in style at a party at their first West Coast pop-up shop located in the uber-conceptually-cool Space 15Twenty in Hollywood, Havaianas, the famous flip flops from Brazil, were displayed as juicy fruits ripe for the picking. Space 15Twenty is a mix of permanent retailers and restaurants along with spaces that allow for different brands and artists to step in and out of the mix. Havaianas Mercado is located in the Urban Outfitters rotating designer concept boutique with the storefront facing Cahuenga Blvd.

Once inside, it's an amazing and colorful space, like being in a tropical produce shop. Shoppers step up to the fruit stand where you can "Make Your Own Havaianas," with customizable soles, straps and embellishments. One awesome combination is black soles, silver straps and diamond and blue jewels along with tiny elephants as embellishments. It's fun to choose EXACTLY what you want, right down the placement of your bling! For people who don't live near a Havaianas that has a MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas) you can make your own online.

Havaianas Mercado Pop Up Shop
Space 15Twenty
1520 North Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Store Hours: Open daily from July 1st through July 24th; Monday-Friday, 11 AM-8 PM, and Saturday-Sunday 11 AM-9 PM

Insider tip: Space 15Twenty has a parking lot - the entrance is on Selma between Cahuenga and Ivar.

Elizabeth Peterson wants everyone to know that she used to live in West Hollywood and did tragically hip things like this all the time. She further elaborates on this over on Traded My BMW For a Minivan and on Facebook.

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