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Flap Over 'That Face' Comment Raises Questions About Fiorina's Own Remarks In 2010

LOS ANGELES ( — In 2010, Carly Fiorina was caught on an open microphone criticizing Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer's hairdo while prepping for an interview.

"God what is that hair? So yesterday," Fiorina is heard commenting on CNN prior to a 2010 interview.

But will her comment remain yesterday's news?

Cal State L.A. political science professor Dr. Raphael Sonenshein says Fiorina's solid debate performance has thrust her into the national spotlight -- which at this stage of the race, he says, isn't necessarily a good thing.

"Now the problem is she was the big winner, because now she's out there and they're going to be closely examining everything about her," Sonenshein said.

Senator Boxer criticized Trump's comments about Fiorina's appearance, and even touched on Fiorina's own comments about her five years ago.

"Now it's true, I have many bad hair days, it's true," said Boxer.

But when asked if it's more acceptable when a woman makes fun of another woman as opposed to when a man does the same, Sonenshein said there is some truth there.

"In a slight way, in a weird way of gender dynamics, her making fun of her female opponent was not good," he said. "But it's a little bit different, when a bombastic guy like Donald Trump does it. It really had a whole extra dimension."

In a recent national CBS News poll, Trump is leading among Republican primary voters, with slightly more support from men than from women.

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